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Welcome to The Dens 1st blog post!

From time to time I (Lora) will write a blog, this won’t always be beauty related, sometimes it will just be whatever subject has peaked my interest.

I have an eclectic assortment of topics up my sleeve but on this occasion it’s all about Intimate Waxing!

I’m going to cover the literal ins & outs of the fanny wax! Or Baroness Von Putang or Cha Cha or Muff or Beaver or Punani or one of the many other entertaining names available for our lady gardens!

What’s your most endearing vagina slang alternative? I’m always collecting new ones to add to the list :)

We’ve had quite a few enquiries recently regarding this service, so it seems quite a good topic to kick start the blog with.

So first things first, what’s the difference between a Hollywood, Brazilian, Californian, Skimpy & Traditional......

  • Hollywood = all off everywhere, including the inner labia & bottom beard (as we like to call it)

  • Brazilian = a hollywood but with a small strip of hair left at the front

  • Californian = half & half, either all the front left & underneath gone or the other way round, so front smooth & underneath left with hair.

  • Skimpy = up to about 2 cm in from the crease of the leg & half the outer labia, plus the hair underneath that would poke out your cozzi if you straddled a sun lounger & a neaten up of the top line. A skimpy works for those not wanting the full shebang, but a traditional is not quite enough.

  • Traditional = any hair that grows outside of the crease/knicker line.

  • Bottom Beard = a nice smooth bum hole! (Included with a hollywood/Brazilian) some people like this as a stand alone treatment, some people will add this to a skimpy or traditional. You can mix n match it!

Hollywood’s are by far the most popular intimate wax, followed by a Skimpy. Not many people request Brazilians & almost never does someone ask for a Californian. And bottom beard removal is way more popular than you think!

For anyone that is reading this as an intimate wax virgin, you are most likely gasping or blushing (or perhaps both) & that is perfectly understandable.

As an experienced wax technician, we don’t bat an eyelid, it’s all in a days work, but we have once been in your shoes & I will NEVER forget the first hollywood experience I had! (As in received)

For years I was adamant I would never have the bald look down there, I did not want to look pre-pubescent, I associated the hair with being a woman & felt a little bit awkward about the trend of such intimate hair removal (going back about 20 years now)

Anyway, after a few drinks with friends I was convinced to give it a try & went to a lady recommended to me.........

I turned up to a flat in Stevenage the next day, was ushered into a kitchen, told to strip my bottom half off & then was manoeuvred into all sorts of weird & wonderful positions, including on all fours!! I did on several occasions throughout this experience wonder if there were hidden cameras & some weird live feed was going out to odd people with wax fetishes (but I realised this was highly unlikely & that I was probably the weird one for even thinking it was a possibility) Does anyone else have momentary warped thoughts like that? Actually don’t answer that, haha!

In a nutshell, nothing was explained to me, it hurt like HELL & when I left, I sat in my car for a few moments to compose myself, in slight shock, feeling a little violated & wondering what on earth just happened! Obvs I knew what I was having done but I didn’t really appreciate what exactly it involved!

A few days later, once I had recovered from this fairly traumatic experience, surprisingly I actually really liked the outcome & continued to have Hollywood’s ever since. No shaving rash, no regrowth for ages, the pain was worth it!

Fast forward 20 years and intimate waxing has come a long way! You can have the benefits without the trauma nowadays!

The wax we use is especially formulated for the intimate area and is flexible & effective at getting hairs from all the nooks & crannies.

There is no need to use strips any more (strip waxing on intimate areas is more like a torture procedure, I would never recommend it! If you don’t come to The Den for your wax, always request that they use hot wax & not warm strip wax)

My first personal experience shaped how I wanted new clients to feel when they came for an intimate wax with me.

Basically the opposite of my experience! Traumatised & violated are not ideal lasting memories to create for new clients (not if you want them to come back anyway)

So you are in luck, because of my memorable (for all the wrong reasons) first ever Hollywood, it means here at The Den, we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and safe. We recognise that having this service is a big step for most people. Stripping down and exposing your most private areas to a stranger with a spatula isn’t your everyday ‘To Do’ list item.

We explain everything, we are exceptionally experienced in minimising discomfort and we make sure you feel like you are in confident hands.

I can’t emphasis enough that when we work on you, we really aren’t looking at anything other than the hair.

I can honestly say that if I had to do a Vagina line up, I wouldn’t be able to pick one out to match up to a face.

We see the hair, we remove the hair (in the voice of King Peppy ‘no hair left behind’) and that’s it. We don’t give scores out of 10, like I have had clients suggest to me, LOL!!!

Imagine that, if at the end of the wax we pulled out a number card & bellowed ‘TEN’ like a judge off Strictly.

BTW, if I did do this, I would give extra points for ingrown hairs. I love nothing more than extracting a good ingrown & request that clients leave their ingrowns for me to get, it’s like a job perk for me (yes I know that’s a bit strange)

I believe that a good waxist relishes ingrown hair removal, just like the best cleaners always have OCD.

Anyway! Like a nurse doing a smear or a midwife delivering a baby, we have a job to do & that’s all we care about. Doing a great job & making you feel comfortable in the process.

Another popular question is ‘Can I have it done when I’m on my period’

The answer is Yes you can, we are females too, it’s just a period, it’s not taboo, it’s normal. We only ask that you wear a tampon for hygiene reasons.

I can confirm that I haven’t (to date) accidentally stuck the wax to the string & inadvertently ripped out a tampon with the wax, which is a surprisingly popular question!

It is however important to note, that you will feel more sensitive when it is your time of the month & so the wax experience will probably be more uncomfortable for you. Some people may prefer to take a couple of painkillers about an hour before their appointment in this instance.

I think that has pretty much covered everything to do with intimate waxing. It really is very intimate but I promise it isn’t painful (slightly uncomfortable for some, but not painful)

I could happily talk on this subject for hours, there isn’t a scenario that I haven’t had to deal with when it comes to intimate waxing. I have even had to talk a client through removing her own DIY wax attempts at home whilst I was in the middle of labour with my son, who is now 10 :)

If you have any questions or would like to share any wax experiences with us, please feel free to comment or message! I will look forward to hearing from you.

Just before I sign this off, to any men considering this type of waxing, sorry chaps, we don’t do male sacks or cracks (only backs, chests & abs) here at The Den. It is available at other salons but we haven’t taken the plunge with the willy waxing ‘YET’ (although I did once break a nail when doing a guy friend a favour waxing his butt crack! Male pubes are wayyyyyy thicker, coarser & stronger)

That’s enough from me on Intimate Waxing! Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed :)

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