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Rahanni or Reiki energy healing baldock hertfordshire

Rahanni or Reiki Energy Healing

Rahanni and Reiki are both forms of energy healing. They work by allowing your body to reharmonise and rebalance. Rahanni vibrates on a higher level, connecting with Angels and Archangels. Its feminine vibration can help emotional stress, sadness, irritability, lack of joy, fear, worry and lack of self-worth. Rahanni works on the physical, emotional and etheric, aiding relaxation and focus.

When an area is out of harmony it affects the whole, emotional stress can cause headaches, pain around the upper back and stomach complaints.

Rahanni and Reiki work on the body's energy field, namely our chakra system. It is believed we have seven main chakras from the crown of our head to the base of our spine. The body is made up of many energy pathways or meridians and by working on these chakra hot spots we can assist the flow of positive life force energy.

Treatments are bespoke. Much as our mood changes depending on what is happening in our life, our flow of energy can fluctuate. Firstly, by listening to what you feel you require, we tune in to your body and our spirit guides and angels. You do not need to believe for this to work, just the desire to feel safe, happy and content. If we feel your mind is too busy to relax, we may begin with a short visualisation or meditation or deep breathing techniques.

Both Rahanni and Reiki are facilitated with you fully clothed, only the need to remove shoes or coat. A series of hand placements are followed according to what we feel is required for that session. Rahanni is not a massage but can be combined with a facial or body massage to aid relaxation or for those who like a hands-on treatment.

Clients report feeling the flow of energy and heat, alongside seeing a flow of colours in their mind. The aim for us is to help you feel better both psychologically and physiologically. Rahanni and Reiki are natural complimentary therapies and work alongside conventional medicine. Always follow the advice of your medical professional, GP or consultant if you have any conditions.

Rahanni and Reiki have only a few contraindications, if you are diabetic please ensure you check your sugar levels regularly. If you are pregnant, have epilepsy or mental health conditions, please inform us, treatments can still be performed but we need to be aware.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer in person Rahanni to those with a pacemaker.

If you are actively undergoing treatment for cancer, medical permission is required.

Patients with schizophrenia are best suited to specialist medical care and therefore we cannot offer energy therapies. 

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