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cosmetic tattooing baldock

Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments for Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & Face  

Microblading Baldock Hertfordshire

Hyper Realism Brows (HRBrows)

The latest advancement in eyebrow tattooing, the hyper-realism technique creates the appearance of super realistic fluffy brows which are currently right on trend.

Hyper-Realism Brows use a specialised technique mastered by only a handful of Artists worldwide to create overlapping hairs, rather than individual hairstrokes. It also mimics the natural wave of the hairs, with hairs tattooed in different directions creating a fluffier brow, rather than the straighter, tidier style of the Hairstroke Brow. Suitable for almost ALL skin types, and will give you beautifully ‘realistic’ looking fluffy brows for 2-3 years depending on intensity. A great option that mimics the natural curve and flow of real eyebrow hair, blending seamlessly with whatever eyebrow hair you have – WHETHER THAT IS LOSS OF HAIR OR NONE AT ALL!

combination brows baldock hertfordshire

Combination Brows

Combination Brows (a combination of hairstrokes and ombre shading) looks delicate, soft and natural at the front, with more colour and definition toward the middle and towards the tail. Best of both in one! Each combination brow is tailored to the client, and more hairstrokes can be added if desired, or we keep it bold like this version. This treatment can last upwards of 2-3years depending on levels of shading, but an annual colour boost will be recommend to keep the hair strokes looking as crisp as possible.

pixel brow tattoo baldock hertfordshire
Powder Brow Tattoo Baldock Hertfordshire

Pixel Ombre & Powder

If you would prefer something that lasts a little longer then you might opt for Ombré or Powder brows.  These treatments are delivered via a tattoo machine and gives a ’tint’ effect across the whole brow.  Both options are perfect for people with little or no real hair, when brows are patchy, and bolder brows are wanted.The difference between the Ombré and the Powder is the overall concentration of pigment and structure of the shape. The Ombré can be much softer, providing a perfect natural looking background for eyebrow hair.


Powder brows have a lot more pigment packed in and is for people who like a more obvious looking brow, however the colour and shape will always compliment and provide the most natural tattooed effect. These techniques can last 2-5 years depending on several facts, colour boosts are still recommended, but longer between sessions is achievable. These are also suitable for ALL skin types and there is reduced risk of scarring compared to microblading.

brow correction baldock hertfordshire

Correction Work

Although I do not have a specific bookable treatment for correction work, if you have previous pigment in the skin, then here is where to look. Depending on darkness, shape and expectations we can look at how best to get to what you envision. This will likely be either a ombre or powder brow technique, and more then one top up session may be required at a separate fee. It is recommended to contact us directly or book in for a consultation to go through options and discuss what the correction work will entail. Sometimes it will be recommended to have laser removal done on the tattoo to achieve a level of lightness that can then be worked over.

lip tattoo baldock hertfordshire


Adding soft layers of colour to the lip will naturally enhance the appearance and shape of your lips, it can also visually increase the size of lips and adjust the shape. Over time, our lips can lose volume, definition and colour, and this treatment can help restore some of these changes.


The colour selected can be kept natural, to merely add definition to the lip line, and even out any differences in pigmentation. Or the colour can be more vibrant, and adding a different element to your no makeup face. The Sheer Lips technique creates a soft tint of colour throughout the lips for a natural wash of definition. HD Lips provides full saturation of colour to achieve high definition, a longer lasting 'lipstick' effect.


Everyones lips have a different undertones which will limit expectations in what is realistic, if you are unsure on which colour to choose; I can recommend which is best for your skin type. You can always go deeper/more intense on the second application if desired.If you have ever suffered with cold sores, medication prior to treatment is advised to prevent an outbreak occur. Contact for further information. A colour boost is recommend every 12-24 months, depending on individual levels of fade.

eyeliner tattooing baldock


Dependent on the eye shape different styles of eyeliner can be created to give the illusion of bigger eyes, fuller lashes and natural definition. Lash line eyeliner gives a very subtle eyeliner that naturally creates the illusion of thicker lashes. It only goes through the natural lash line unlike Delicate eyeliner that goes through and slightly beyond/above the lash line, intensify your eyes and giving a soft perfectly applied eyeliner. The bottom eyeliner is kept just along the lash line to compliment the dustier looking top eyeliner.

freckles and beauty spots baldock

Freckles & Beauty Spots

Want a Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford or Eva Mendes inspired beauty spot? Then a beauty spot tattoo is a great option for longevity and naturalness. You can have a completely fresh one or work over an existing freckle.

Who doesn't want a cute heart freckle, somewhere on their body :) Have a completely fresh one or adapt an existing freckle.

Tailored freckles speckled over your face or nose for that natural fresh faced and sunkissed look. Freckles will be pre-mapped out before going in to tattoo and can be completely new or give definition to current freckles, you decide.

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