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Evie Westrbrook

Lash Artist & Nail Technician

Daughter of Lora, Evie has grown up surrounded by the beauty industry and many clients will remember her having her nose pressed to the frosted glass trying to peer through the door in Loras home salon on Clothall Road, when she was about 3, lol 


Evie has always had an extraordinary ability with her fine motor skills and would sit for hours at a young age creating sequin art. That has now just transferred to Lash Extensions!


Utilising her natural artistic ability, Evie also loves to create amazing Nail Art designs when she does Acrylic Extensions.  


Evie completed her Advanced Lash Training and then a year later her NVQ Level 3 Nail Technician training, just in time for the 1st lockdown, but had already made great strides in her work.  With Lora as her mum and Sophie as her Nail Tech Senior, she has a lot to live up to (no pressure, haha) but she is very talented and doing a great job.


Evie works by day in Pensions, so her availability is Evenings & Saturdays.

Evie is in The Den Tuesday to Friday from 6.30pm til 10/11pm and then all day on Saturdays.

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