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Lash Extensions | Baldock | Hertfordshire

Lash Extensions

We attach a lash or lash fans to every single one of your natural lashes, depending on which style of extension you would like. 
Our lashes are natural & fluffy looking with a conscious approach to maintaining the health of your own lashes by following a strict length/weight ratio with only approved & certified lash products. 


Your natural lash cycle means that you lose on average 2-3 lashes per day, so if you are maintaining your lashes long term, then you will need to ensure you book an infill appointment every 2-3 weeks.  Or if you are having your lashes extended for a special occassion like a holiday or wedding then please ensure you book to have them professionally removed after 3-4 weeks.


Please come to your lash appointment with no eye make up on & be aware that you will be required to remove any contact lenses before the treatment takes place.  Aftercare advice will be given at your appointment.

(Lash extensions are not suitable for everyone.  You cannot have extensions if you suffer from Blepharitis or if you are pregnant.

A patch test is not necessary as no product comes into contact with the skin, however if you would like to have a couple of lashes attached to check if you have a sensitivity to the glue fumes, please get in touch to arrange.)

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