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Collagen - Over 30's MUST read

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I am sat writing this at age 43 (nearly 44) and I truly WISH that I knew this information sooner, but better late than never I suppose.

So I'm not going to sit and write all the enormous benefits of collagen and why the body needs it/uses it, as all it takes is a quick google search to find out the benefits for yourself. The most obvious is that it is necessary to avoid thinning hair (in both women & men) it keeps the skin looking youthful with less wrinkle formation, but it is also essential for maintaining muscle, joint and nervous system health.

The part about collagen that I am blown away by is that your body starts to DECLINE production in its late 20's and then practically STOPS producing it by your early 30's and at this point it only has approximately 10 years of collagen reserves left!! Say whaaaaaaaaat!!! This must be why my hair starting thinning and I started to resemble a 1000 year old museum relic, lol, my collagen was zapped and I hadn't been supplementing!

So basically if you want to preserve your health, hair and skin, you need to start supplementing collagen by your early 30's!!! I was over 10 years late to the party, but now I'm here I'm going collagen craaaazy, lol, can't get enough of the stuff!

Now here is the tricky part, there are FIVE different types of collagen and every type is beneficial for different reasons and works for different parts of your body. So this led me onto a huge amount of researching for a supplement that would provide me with all 5 types, not just Marine collagen, not just Bovine etc etc, I wanted ALL five types.

Of course, me being me, I didn't want it unless it was non-gmo and I didn't want any supplement that had any bulking or fillers added to it. I especially didn't want one with any added sweeteners or preservatives or basically anything nasty. I also did not want to pay silly money for it (since collagen has become quite 'trendy' due to the science backed benefits found, it also attracts a high price point) Be warned there are a LOT of collagen products being marketed that on closer inspection of the ingredients, are not as amazing as they say they are!! I have been approached by at least a dozen collagen network marketing people and the collagen they are selling, I personally would not take, so therefore, I would not feel comfortable to promote it. (No offence to network marketing, I sell perfumes this way, I just won't recommend a product that I wouldn't use myself)

Anyway, I completed my mission, I found a high quality, non-gmo collagen supplement, that included all 5 types, doesn't break the bank, isn't part of a network marketing scheme, so can buy as much or as little as I need, and it is easy to order off Amazon.

Disclaimer. As a small business myself, wherever possible I ALWAYS attempt to support small business, but in some cases, Amazon is most convenient & in this case, its who I use for my collagen. Plus there are actually a lot of small businesses that use Amazon to sell, so it does have a mechanism to help SME's too :) please don't berate me for my shopping choices, haha

Fast forward 6 months after taking this collagen powder & my hair is thicker and shinier, my skin is clear and glowing and I have not been ill at all! I am of course taking a few different supplements but I am convinced that the Collagen is responsible for my thinning hair reversal, which that alone is incredible!

I take just one scoop of this in my morning cuppa. It doesn't really taste of anything at all (unless you get the chocolate version) and it dissolves really easily. Sometimes I have it in a smoothie or a milk shake.

If you are any age after 30, especially if you are into your 40's/50's/60's and ESPECIALLY if you are menopausal, please do consider getting this. After 3 months of 1 scoop a day, you won't be without this magic powder!!! I highly recommend it

Here is the Amazon link. You are welcome :)

Annnnnd the chocolate version if you prefer it flavoured :)

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