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Spray Tan Prep & Aftercare



The day/night before your tan:-

Do all your hair removal

Exfoliate your skin



The day of your tan:-

Wash as normal.

Only apply moisturiser to face & hands.

Come for your tan with clean skin. No make up, no deodorant, no perfume.

Wear no jewellery.  

Bring loose clothing, preferable a baggy t-shirt (not vest top) & long PJ bottoms or trackie bottoms

With flip flops or loose shoes.




You must NOT get wet during the development time of your tan.  So 8 hours post spray (or 1 hours if having the express tan)

Do not do anything that will make you hot or sweaty during the development time.

Avoid skin to skin contact.  If you touch your face a lot, you can prevent getting tan on your palms by wearing very loose socks over your hands.

When it is time to wash the tan off - shower it off, do not bathe.  Shower until the water runs clear & all the guide colour has washed off.

Do not exfoliate the skin until the tan becomes patchy, this may happen after around 5 days as your skin begins to renew itself.

Pat skin dry after washing, do not rub the skin.

Moisturise daily.

Avoid spending long amounts of time in water, this dilutes the tan & causes it to fade quicker.

Your tan will last between 5 days to 14 days, depending on your skin type, your prep, your aftercare & your daily activities.

Avoid oil based creams, they can interefere with the eveness of the tan.

Fake tan DOES NOT protect you from sun damage.  You must still use sun protection as normal.  You can & will still burn your skin, even though it gives the illusion of being brown.




You will recieve a consultation, so we can determine your skin type & the overall look you would like to achieve

Your technician will demo the moves that you need to do for your tan (don't worry, you don't have to memorise them, we do explain as we go along, but it helps to give you a visual aid before getting started)

When you step into the spray shack for your tan, you can wear as little or as much clothing that you feel comfortable with.  It makes no difference to your technician, they ony want you to get the best tan possible.  The less you wear, the less tan lines you will have.  Most common attire is topless with a skimpy thong for women & small briefs for men.  However, we do do nude tanning for those who do not want any tan lines.  Top Tip.  If you are having a tan for a holiday & don't want a nude tan, make sure that you know exactly where your bikini, swim shorts or costume sits to avoid am obvious tan line.

Your technician will protect your hair & also apply barrier cream to appropriate areas

Once you have been sprayed, you will be dried off & the technician will help you to get dressed.

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