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Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline Tattoo Removal for the Brow area


Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline removal is a unique method of permanent makeup pigment removal which is designed to completely remove pigments from the body. It's done using a sterile saline solution (salt water). 


The solution is tattooed into the pigmented area. The formula then  starts the process of osmosis, where the salts in the liquid pull out water in the skin, and with it, taking the pigment molecules. 


After the treatment is finished, the skin will return to its natural state over a period of several weeks.


Typically, several sessions are  required to completely remove a tattoo. The amount will depend on the colours, depth of pigment and saturation (how dense it is). 


Saline Tattoo Removal



Emergency Removal

Emergency removals can only be done up to 48 hours after the treatment was originally done. It can be used on tattoos or permanent makeup.


No machines are involved in emergency removals as the skin is still 'open' from the treatment. The saline solution will be applied to the area and within a few days, it will scab and lift. 


There is never a guarantee as to how much pigment will come out, but emergency removals tend to be quite effective and will usually remove much more than a regular removal session.


Emergency Removal



Course of Three Removal Sessions

Typically, several sessions are  required to completely remove a tattoo, or at the very least lighten to the point of affective covering. The amount will depend on the colours, depth of pigment and saturation (how dense it is). 

For this reason I offer courses of three, each spaced 8 weeks apart from one another. This does not guarantee full removal, you may still need more sessions, but it comes at a discounted price as opposed to three individual sessions.


Course of 3 Sessions



Why choose saline removal?

  • Saline removal is less painful than laser!

  • You won't get burns or blisters from saline removal.

  • Saline removal is much cheaper than laser!

  • Often, saline requires less treatment sessions.

  • Saline can remove ALL colours! laser can only remove certain colours, depending on frequency of the machine.

  • Saline removal can remove small sections to correct shape.

  • Saline is gentle enough for the face and eyes.

  • No need to shave your eyebrows!

  • With any booking and treatment of tattoo removal, I offer a reduction of £50 to my full price cosmetic tattoo brow treatments, if you choose to have them redone by myself.